I am a Software Developer specializing in Javascript SPA (Single Page Application) frameworks such as Angular, and React. I have 10 years experience, where I have worked with some of the smartest developers I know and respect. I was a Member Representative (2016) at the local Maker Space (Windor Hackforge) where I regularly attend software development talks. I also have an appreciation for Craft Beer, Good Food, and Fine Scotch.


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Tautulli Remote connects to your existing Tautulli server for easy mobile access.

Tautulli Website

Responsive Website to showcase the App Tautulli

FullCircleTMS WordPress

Custom Built Wordpress template for FullCircleTMS

Work Experience

Full Circle TMS

Software Engineer

March 2015 - Present

Angular, Angular.js, C#, Xamarin, KendoUI, Bootstrap, xunit

Work in a fully remote team helping design and develop and write tests for a SaaS transportation management solution from its inception, lead developer on the driver companion Android and iOS app written in Xamarin Forms and using xunit for unit tests.

Help with supporting customers issues over the phone and in person at our user conferences. Participate in daily stand-ups and mob code reviews to ensure best practices are being used by everyone.

Web Development Consulting

Contract Web Software Developer

June 2013 - Present

PHP, Python, JavaScript/Jquery, Angular, Sass, Grails/Groovy

I provided technical guidance and development services to clients and development teams who needed additional expertise or manpower for creating large, secure business applications with PHP, Python and JavaScript/Jquery.

Parallel 42 Systems.


July 2014 - March 2015

JavaScript/Angular, D3.js, Python, Java/Android, PHP, Wordpress, Ubuntu Server, ETL Scripting

Development and maintenance of applications and web sites of varying complexity, often in collaboration with teammates, primary developer of internal product Xenamps, a library for deploying custom maps and additional functionality. Developed the Java/Android and Javascript client for the Xenmaps platform, as well as using Xenmaps to deliver custom mapping applications to clients.

Set up multiple Grunt and Gulp Build Systems for workflows developing WordPress sites, static HTML sites, and full-featured applications using multiple client-side MVC frameworks.

iDream Interactive

Front-End ActionScript Developer

November 2013 - July 2014

ActionScript3, FlashBuilder, RobotLegs, Ash Entity Framework, Unity/C#, Javascript/HTML Canvas

Worked as a team to maintain the facebook game “Super Gem Heroes”, Implemented new features as well as corrected bugs. Helped create concepts for new games and developed internal projects to facilitate updating the games’ content. Helped in the creation of landing/press html pages for each of the production games.

Toolplas Systems Inc.

Development, System Analysis, Linux Administration

August 2011 - November 2013

PHP, MySQL, Silex, Paris/Idiorm, Jquery/Ajax, Ubuntu Server, legacy Python and Zope 2.6

I acquired knowledge of Python and the Zope 2.6 framework to analyze a legacy ERP application in order to design and develop a replacement using PHP and MySQL. Built in the Silex web framework, the new ERP system has additional functionality and is improved through continuous iterative development, which I lead.

The application is used by teams of managers, engineers, and CNC operators to coordinate production in a high-volume tool and mold shop. In addition to continuous development, I actively assess and repair a variety of issues that arise with the application in this demanding production environment on a daily basis.

Skills & Proficiency